Start small but grow to a corporate website for £40!

This is by far the most popular of the packages we provide.  It gives all that most businesses will ever need but if your business grows your site can grow with you either as part of the package or as an upgrade to the enhanced package.


Description Standard
Domains Registered 3  Additional charges for the 2nd an 3rd domain.
Site Type CMS  
Server Traffic Medium  
Email 5 We will set up email accounts for you with instructions on how to use.
Backups Nightly  
Suitable E-Commerce No  
Domain Renewal Period 2 The site domains will be renewed
EU Cookie Legislation Module It is important that you are compliant with EU legislation
Search Engine Optimisation Yes  Content
Security Certificate No  
Security Access Yes  
Apps/Plugin/Applications <= 2 Features to add to your site, could be forms, maps, etc
Revisions per Year 3 How many updates we will make to the site based on content changes subject to support contract.
Web Pages 10 The number of pages (menu items) included.  Additional pages may be charged in addition.
Social Media Links Yes Your website is just one way of reaching potential customers Social Media should be linked
Favicon Yes The little icon to distinguish your site in the search field.
Time to Publish 2-Days All can be published within one day, yet we would advise being patient until content is added.
Fully Live 1-Week The uploading and modifying content will always take that bit longer.
Support Yes We use a hosting provider for all our own and clients sites to maximise up time of your site.
Gallery Yes Limitations on space exist with the option.
Shop No We do not advocate a Shop website without a Security certificate.
Forms Yes Do you want to process feedback from site visitors.
Site Consultancy Yes We need to understand what your aims are to maximise your website potential.
Space 500Mb  
Please note that we can deliver a website quickly but content (text) and appropriate images may take longer to create or source

Price quoted above is excluding VAT but including support, the latest offers page quotes prices inclusive of VAT.