Professional websites from £1.65 a day!

Basic Package Includes

The basic package is fundamentally allowing you to get a website up and running with 1 domain, 1 email account and a low volume of traffic.  To see a comparison of the packages please open the link below.  We appreciate there is often some overlap and we will try and accomodate every requirement and work out an attractive price.  We know from experience typically most clients say they just need a basic design but it grows to include more complex features and functionality.


Standard Package Includes

Most of our developments fall into this category.  They are more complex, have added functionality and suitable for the smaller businesses with multiple staff.  They typically will have Search Engine Optimisation and medium volume of website traffic.


Enhanced Package Includes

This is the package for more complex websites with multiple pages, high traffic volumes and functionality that requires high level of changes either by us or the client, typically e-Commerce websites or rapidly changing businesses.

The document attached has comparisons of the packages as a guideline.